Vision Q+ Phono Preamplifier

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The AVA Vision Q+ Phono Preamplifier is a direct-coupled, high-performance, solid state phono preamplifier with split passive EQ and buffered output circuits to handle long cables, complex tape loops, and other difficult loads.

The Vision Q+ Phono Preamplifier supports both moving magnet and moving coil phono cartridges, with adjustable gain and loading for MC cartridges. It provides 40 dB gain for normal moving magnet cartridges and switchable 54 dB, 60 dB, and 66 dB gain for moving coil cartridges. The load for moving coil cartridges can be set from 30 Ω to 1 kΩ, with many settings in between. This is all done with one 10-position DIP switch per channel.

The Vision Q+ Phono Preamplifier comes packaged in our rock solid 7" wide x 5" deep x 2.5" high chassis. It has gold plated RCA input and output jacks and a power switch. The power transformer is supplied as an external "wall wart" so there is no significant AC noise inside the chassis.

Connect the Vision Q+ Phono Preamplifier to your line preamplifier or receiver and enjoy records all over again!

Audio Circuits

Our passively equalized design consists of two stages of gain and equalization followed by an output buffer. We tested and listened to almost all modern linear ICs available and settled on the Linear Technology LT1028 for the gain stages. With the right compensation, the LT1028 provides incredible performance in this application. To buffer the output, we are using Texas Instruments' OPA1602 configured for unity gain. Overall, this combination provides the low-noise and grain-free outstanding dynamic range we demand.

The Vision Q+ Phono Preamplifier is direct coupled from input to output. The capacitors used in the RIAA equalization are select polypropylene types. The robust ±15 volt linear regulated power supplies are built on an isolated section of the audio board, and all devices are carefully decoupled.


Here are some reviews for the previous generation Vision Q. Rest assured, the Vision Q+ is an improvement in every way that matters!