The AVA Advantage

High-fidelity audio products designed and built in the United States

All of our products are designed in-house and custom built in Minnesota. This allows us to make sure the quality of your system is up to our strict standards. Each product we sell is inspected, tested, then is played in our reference system and listened to by experienced personnel. Office tunes never sounded so good! Only after we listen to your new or rebuilt equipment do we ship it to you. Quality is very important to us at Audio by Van Alstine and we are proud to offer it to you.

Products designed so they can be upgraded in the future

No longer do you need to replace entire components when you want to upgrade your audio system. With most Audio by Van Alstine equipment, you can simply send in your existing product(s) and we will upgrade the internal circuitry to the latest design and technology with a significant savings over purchasing new. Our flexible chassis designs and beefy power supplies allow for future needs.

All products are custom built to order

Your order is not a mass-produced item already sitting in the warehouse. It will be carefully fabricated to your order, and you need to allow time for this to be done.

Products built with the finest components

All Audio by Van Alstine products are built from significantly better components than you will find in many systems. All of the components we use are hand-selected by our engineering team to make sure that everything works in harmony to give you the best possible sound with the reliability you expect.

Three-year warranty on all AVA-designed products

All AVA products are warranted for three years (The ABX Comparator and Longhorn Grado phono cartridges have a one year warranty). We offer a three year warranty because we are confident that our products will perform flawlessly for many years beyond that. A long warranty is a sign of a well-built product. Our warranty is also transferable. But most importantly, we design so our products just won't break. The best warranty is the one you never have to use.

Thirty-day satisfaction guarantee

In addition to the three-year warranty we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You get to experience the sonic perfection of your new AVA system to make sure it's what you want. See satisfaction guarantee.

Superior customer service

When you call Audio by Van Alstine at 651-330-9871, you actually talk to the people who make up the company. Often, Frank Van Alstine himself is available to assist clients. You talk to people who know the products, not simply a call center. We will answer your questions and spend the time needed to help you make sure that you are purchasing the product that best fits your needs. We want you to be a long term Audio by Van Alstine customer.

A variety of products so that you find the one best for you

Our preamplifiers and power amplifiers are offered in various models and sizes to best fit your needs and budget. For example, all Synergy power amplifiers are designed to sound the same no matter what size you select. Whether you select our Synergy 240 or our super powerful Synergy 450, both will have the same sonic performance perfection.

Functional design over flash

We concentrate on the sound and not the "bells and whistles" when designing our products. While flashing lights may impress some people, serious audio listeners know it's the sound that counts. We design our products to listen to. You don't pay for extra lights, extra buttons, or overly fancy cases that do nothing for the sound. With Audio by Van Alstine you get a classy looking system that reproduces music as lifelike as possible.

A well-established company

And finally you get the backing of a company that has been designing and building high-fidelity audio products for over 50 years! We are serious about music!