Used Vision SLR Preamplifier

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This unit is in excellent condition built in 2018.

The SLR chassis features a precision remote control volume control along with five sets of remote switchable inputs and two sets of line audio outputs. Additional functions include:

  • A precision balance control.
  • Mono/Stereo - to get mono audio sources (such as older TV and other video sources) to both left and right channels and to quiet noisy FM broadcast and old records.
  • Low Gain - to allow better volume control use with the high-efficiency speakers and high gain amplifiers.
  • High Filter - to tame excess brightness from low quality sources.
  • Low Filter - to deal with warped records and turntable rumble.
  • Support for tape monitoring.
  • A built-in high quality headphone amplifier.

One year parts and labor warranty and 30 day satisfaction guarantee.