CA1 Control Amplifier

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The CA1 Control Amplifier is a complete amplifier system using our newly developed Advanced Nested Architecture (ANA). You only need to add a turntable, DAC, or similar source and a set of loudspeakers (or headphones) to create a fully functional music system.

The CA1 Control Amplifier is steeped in the transparency, dynamic range, linearity, and pure music for which Audio by Van Alstine is known. Listen to all of your recordings again and you will hear acoustic space and musical nuance in a much more real and involving way. The cost is much less and the performance much better then you have any right to expect.


The CA1 control amplifier is one of the first products to use our ANA technology and delivers stunning linearity and sound quality previously unimaginable at its price. It generates up to 55 watts per channel into 8Ω and is suitable for nominal 4Ω loads and up.

A very high-performance phono preamplifier is standard, as is an equally high-performance headphone amplifier with a 1/4" headphone output. It has four gold-plated RCA inputs, one of which for phono use. The speaker outputs are heavy-duty 5-way binding posts.

Remote control is provided for power, volume, and muting. A 12V trigger output is also provided for those wanting to use the amplifier in highly integrated system setups.

Amplifier Circuits

Our ANA technology is a major advancement in audio power amplifiers that brings you ever closer to the original source. Unlike more conventional amplifiers, ANA employs two independent control mechanisms to manage circuit nonlinearities. The first mechanism provides the kind of correction found in typical class AB audio amplifiers. To this, ANA adds a second global correction circuit that reduces nonlinearities to the vanishing point. We are confident that you will find the results exhilarating.

Power Supply Circuits

The CA1 Control Amplifier has an oversized, high-capacity linear power supply to fully support the incredible dynamic range, bass extension, and transient detail the audio circuits are capable of. All of the power supply parts are selected for long life, reliability and operate well within their technical specification ratings.

Additional Information

The CA1 Control Amplifier operates with standard 120V power. It has an IEC power socket, and we include a 120V IEC power cord.


Power output: 55 watts per channel into 8Ω. Suitable for nominal 4Ω loads and higher.
: Three line-level stereo inputs and one stereo moving magnet phono input on gold-plated RCA jacks.
Input impedance: 47 kΩ (phono and line inputs)
Maximum system gain
: 36.4dB (line-level inputs to speaker outputs)
Headphone amplifier gain: 12dB
Headphone minimum impedance
: 32Ω
Dimensions17" wide, 12" deep, 3.5" high. Shipping weight is 20 pounds.