DVA M750 Monoblock Power Amplifier

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The DVA M750 monoblock power amplifier is the first high-power mono amp in our newly designed chassis. The DVA M750 has all the magical sound of our previous DVA 600 mono amp. Like the DVA 600 mono amp, this amp is designed to accurately preserve all the energy of a live listening experience.

The DVA M750 is rated at 750 watts into 8 Ohms and will deliver even more into 4 Ohms. The DVA M750 is for those that want the ultimate in amplifier headroom. The amp can be comfortably paired with any 8 Ohm or 4 Ohm speaker, including speakers demanding a LOT of power. 

Along with massive power, the DVA M750 has awesome dynamic range, definition, and transparency while maintaining the nuances and details of the original music recording. The sound stage is life size and so pure that you hear the music in a way that will startle and please you.

The DVA M750 includes a differential XLR input jack, a parallel set of improved high-quality 5-way gold plated speaker binding posts, and a standard IEC power socket. The faceplate is 10mm thick silver anodized aluminum.

Audio Circuits

The DVA M750 is based on our unique Single Ended Transistor (SET) voltage amplifier design. This is our newest amplifier design with a simple but amazingly effective bipolar transistor front end followed by a very fast and rugged power MOSFET current amplifier section. The amp is Class AB but operates as Class A at normal listening levels. Bandwidth is flat from 3Hz to 70KHz.

DVA M750 is a fully differential design, which means it cancels common mode noise and distortion for more accurate reproduction.

The combination of our design ideas along with our new chassis allows the amplifier to run cooler, last longer, and be amazingly fault tolerant. Eight double-die MOSFET output transistors handle difficult speaker loads (4 Ohm loads and up).

Power Supply and Layout

The DVA M750 has an oversized, high-capacity toroidal power transformer whose output is voltage regulated to provide incredible dynamic range, bass extension, transient detail, and air. All the power supply parts are selected for long life and reliability and operate well within their technical specification ratings.

The DVA M750 has regulated power supplies for all areas of the amplifier including the output transistors, which provides unequaled bass control and micro dynamics. There are no unregulated power supplies -- anywhere!

The DVA M750 operates with standard 120 volt power and includes a polarized 120V IEC power cord. For international use, a 240 Volt (50-60 Hz.) option is available at additional cost.

Dimensions: 17" wide, 12.5" deep, 6" high. Shipping weight is 38 pounds each.

For stereo operation you must purchase 2 amplifiers.

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