Vision RB Preamplifier

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The Vision RB preamplifier has our best-ever solid-state preamp circuits, packaged for audio purists embracing minimal setups and anyone looking for affordably priced, astonishingly detailed and musical sound.

The Vision RB preamplifier takes solid-state preamplifiers to a new level of musicality and practicality. Its minimal chassis offers four inputs and remote controlled volume and mute. A handsome silver faceplate is standard, along with high quality RCA jacks and a low-distortion headphone amplifier.

The Vision RB preamp has all of the transparency, dynamic range, linearity and pure music for which Audio by Van Alstine is known. Listen to all of your recordings again and you will hear acoustic space and musical nuance in a much more real and involving way.

Line Stage

At the heart of the Vision RB's line stage are discrete, solid-state class A audio circuits. These circuits are crazy fast, enormously linear, and outrageously musical. They employ matched JFET input transistors driving a class A output stage, using a "simple as possible but no simpler" design philosophy. The result is a level of resolution throughout the audio spectrum that we have not been able to achieve with any IC opamp, regardless of price.

Even with the extra effort to provide true discrete audio circuits to achieve our musical goals, the cost is much lower than you would expect, especially given the level of performance.

Power Supply

The Vision RB's linear power supply features a toroid power transformer feeding a full wave bridge rectifier and large smoothing capacitors. This is actively regulated down to plus and minus 15 volts and followed by more large smoothing capacitors and extensive RF decoupling.

RB Chassis Design

The RB chassis has a precision volume with remote controlled volume and mute functions, selector switch, four sets of line level inputs (with one set being used for the optional phono section, if specified) and two sets of line audio outputs.

The Vision RB comes standard with a high quality built in headphone amplifier.

The aluminum face plate is finished with our incredibly durable double-anodized process. All input and output jacks are gold plated and a removable IEC power cord is provided.

Dimensions: 17" wide x 12" deep x 3.5" high. Shipping weight is 17 pounds.