Used AVA Ultra EC preamplifier full function preamplifier with phono and remote control

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This hybrid tube preamplifier is in fine condition and is a trade up from the original owner for a new Fet Valve CFR preamplifier.  It is in like new condition . It provides open and engaging wide band musicality with no rough edges at all.

This EC (Extended Capability) chassis includes switchable treble and bass controls, eight sets of line level inputs, dual tape input and outputs with tape to tape monitoring capability, External Processor Loop inputs and outputs and a great built in headphone amplifier.

It also comes with our excellent vacuum tube phono preamplifier section and remote volume and mute function.  It also includes our buffered tape output circuits to isolate sources from tape deck inputs and provide best quality recordings.

The front panel controls include precision motor driven remote volume control, precision balance control, selector switch, and pushbutton controls for:  Tape1/Tape2, Input/Tape, EPL On/Off, Mute (low gain) On/Off, Stereo/Mono Left, Stereo/Mono Right, Filter On/Off, and Tone Controls On/Off.

This unit was built in 2009 and uses the n psst recent generation of our tube/hybrid audio circuits that could support tone controls. It has multiple regulated power supplies for each plate of each tube and for each mosfet output buffer.  It uses two select 6922/6DJ98 tubes in the line circuits and two ECC83S/12AX7 tubes in the phono section.  All four tubes are brand new.

One year parts and labor warranty and 30 day satisfaction guarantee.