Transcendence 8+ vacuum tube preamplifier with RIAA phono circuits

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This is an  outstanding sample of our T8 SL series preamp built in 2011in our large SL chassis.  It is a trade up by original owner to a new Fet Valve CFR preamp.  It was rated Editor’s Choice in The Absolute Sound a few years ago.

It has our second generation solid state MM phono section, and our fully regulated vacuum tube line section. It is in outstanding condition and looks and plays like near new.  It is equipped with high performance 6CG8 vacuum tubes.  6922/6DG8 or 6N1P tubes can be used as direct substitutes.

It has volume and mute functions, precision balance control, six position selector switch, gold contact pushbutton switches for tape monitoring, stereo/mono functions, great built in headphone buffer circuits, and six sets of  inputs (including phono) plus dual tape inputs. There are two sets of tape outputs and two sets of line outputs.

This is a lovely sounding preamp that will improve most systems out there unless you have our newest Fet Valve CFR unit.  Our 30 day satisfaction guarantee and one year parts and labor warranty are included.