Pair of Used DVA 850 Mono Amplifier

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These are in like new condition, actually better than new as we just installed higher quality XLR to RCA switches and circuits and they are available at more than a 25% reduction in price from new.

Based on our patented Fet Valve amplifier, each DVA 850 features over 850 Watts of super pure audio reproduction. While it’s very unlikely your listening demands will ever approach anything near to the power output the DVA850 can produce, the reason for such high power is to provide immediate power without any amplifier clipping or stress.

The DVA comes standard RCA and XLR inputs. Has double gold plated speaker jacks for those who want to bi-wire speakers, and has an IEC power jack and power cord.

The DVA850 has a custom made oversized high capacity shielded torrid power transformer feeding three full wave bridge rectifiers that supply raw power to 10 individual and isolated power regulators. All of the power supply parts are selected for long life, reliability and performance.

They are so nice we are providing a two year parts and labor warranty and our usual 30 day satisfaction guarantee.