New Vision SL solid state preamp with premium silver faceplate

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This is a special unit we recently built just to test new Class A audio gain modules.  It has the last of our silver SL series premium faceplates.  It was built this way because we needed the balance control to allow us to compare modules by simply switching from channel to channel with that control.

It has precision volume and balance controls, six position selector switch, and great built in headphone driver circuits. It also has front panel Tape/Input, Low Gain, Stereo/Mono, and filter switches.

On the back panel there are five sets of line inputs, coax digital input, tape inputs and outputs, and two sets of audio outputs, along with an IEC AC jack for its plug in power cord.

Our testing is done and all new Vision solid state preamps are getting the newest low noise discrete Class A gain modules.  Thus this wonderful sounding and looking preamplifier is available now.

Three year parts and labor warranty and 30 day satisfaction guarantee of course.