Great AVA Super Pas Three vacuum tube preamplifier

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This unit was built from our do it yourself kit but the workmanship equals our in house capability.

The outsides are showing some age wear but the insides are still in great shape and it performs extremely well in my reference system.

It uses four 12AX7 tubes.  It has our stepped precision volume and balance controls and supports five sets of line level source in addition to built in RIAA phono circuits.

Inside, it has our own audio and phono circuits and our own power supply circuits.  It was long noted as performing at five times its price.

Musically it is an engaging and transparent preamplifier, capable of making many systems more enjoyable to use.

It is rare for us to see one of these.  They are long term keepers.

One year parts and labor warranty as well as 30 day satisfactory guarantee.