Fet Valve CF RB preamplifier with built in Vision Q phono preamp

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This outstanding value is a trade up on a new Fet Valve CFR preamp and is in like new condition from the original owner.

The Fet Valve CF vacuum tube audio circuits are our very best current production design with the great adjustable Vision Q phono preamp built in.  The phono preamp section can be set for any normal high output moving magnet phono cartridge or any low output moving coil cartridge.  The phono section is adjustable for MM cartridge gain and loading too.

The low price is because this unit is built into our minimalist RB (Real Basic) chassis with only the control function a purist really needs: Precision volume  controls and selector switch.  It also has four sets of inputs (three line level and one phono) and two sets of audio output jacks.  It also has a great sounding headphone driver section and front mounted headphone jack.

Two year parts and labor warranty and 30 day satisfaction guarantee on this one as it has very few use hours.