Used Transcendence Eight SL Vacuum Tube Preamplifier in Compact Chassis

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This great preamp, built in 2005 in our AVA compact chassis, is the first generation of our pure tube preamps with regulated high voltage and heat voltage power supplies.  These made a major improvement in the dynamics and wide band transparency of our renowned tube preamp designs.

Uses two 12AX7 tubes in phono section, two 12AT7 tubes in the line section, along with excellent headphone driver buffers.  Precision volume and balance controls, gold plated jacks and switches.

It has inputs for phono (special), CD, tuner, spare, tape 1, and tape 2 along with dual audio outputs and headphones.

It is in near new condition, and is an engaging and musical preamp.  The best we had done at that time.

One year parts and labor warranty and 30 day satisfaction guarantee.