ABX Switch Comparator

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Due to high demand we have produced another run of our ABX Switch Comparator. This unit allows seamless switching of up to two preamplifiers, two power amplifiers, and three sets of speakers either with or without subwoofers.

The AVA ABX Switch can be used to evaluate cables and component parts as well as electronics and loudspeakers.  It can also be used for those that have more than one audio system for ease of switching.

Controlled by a universal remote, the ABX switch has the capability of:

  • Precise volume level matching, within 0.1 db, of any system.
  • Blind test modes (either informal or formal) force evaluations by how it sounds.
  • Works with or without a subwoofer.
  • Programmable power-up state and adjustable display brightness.
  • Persistent volume settings power up the same as they were when last powered down.
  • Multiple systems can be set up permanently and switched in/out with remote control.
  • Low noise.

Built in "Y" splitter can be used to drive two units with one source. Allows selection of up to two speakers at the same time. Mute entire system with a single button. Gold plated RCA connectors for line level signal connections. DC coupled (no capacitors in the signal path). Ground lift capability should a ground loop noise problem exist.

We suggest that the AVA ABX box is a necessary and very useful tool for audio clubs, component manufacturers, equipment reviewers, and just interested audiophiles.