Vision SL preamplifier with built in Vision DAC

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This great combo unit provides full preamplifier functions, our motor driven remote volume control with a useful mute function, and our great sounding second generation D to A converter circuits.

The preamp section has remote control, digital coax input, five sets of line level inputs including two sets that can be sued for tape inputs too.  There are two sets of tape outputs and two sets of line level outputs. If you need optical digital inputs too, there are very inexpensive lossless coax to optical adaptors available. The DAC section supports high bit rate PCM digital up to 132/24 by simply moving one internal jumper.

The faceplate has a six position selector switch, motor driven volume control, balance control, and pushbutton switches for tape monitoring, and left and right mono switching.  A great headphone driver and front panel headphone jack are standard.

Besides the 19 premium gold plated RCA jacks, the back panel has three switchable AC power jacks and a long AC power cord.

Great performance with both digital and analog capability, this unit was built in 2010 and is in excellent electrical, mechanical, and musical condition.

One year parts and labor warranty and 30 day satisfaction guarantee.