Transcendence 8+ SL preamp with remote control and HT Bypass

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This pure vacuum tube AVA preamplifier was built in 2012 and includes remote control and new 6CG7 vacuum tubes.  It is a trade up to a new Fet Valve CFR preamp.

It has six sets of line level inputs, tape inputs and outputs, two sets of audio outputs plus a great headphone amplifier.

The front panel has precision volume and balance control, selector switch, and pushbutton switches for tape monitoring and left and right mono/stereo functions.

The audio circuits include multiple regulated power supplies and a shielded toroid power transformer.

Rated as an Editor’s Choice in The Absolute Sound along with a glowing review there.

Cosmetically it is in excellent condition, AVA owners seem to excel in taking care of their equipment. 

One year parts and labor warranty and 30 day satisfaction guarantee.