Vision SET 120 Control Amplifier

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We present the best integrated control amp we have ever designed. It combines our award winning Vision SET 120 power amplifier with a passive preamp section to get you closer to the music than ever before. Just plug in your sources and enjoy. No separate preamplifier required.

Our new control amp has even more of the transparency, dynamic range, linearity and pure music for which Audio by Van Alstine has become known. Listen to all of your recordings again and you will hear acoustic space and musical nuance in a much more real and involving way. The cost is much less than you would expect and the performance much better then you would expect.

Power Amplifier section

Our new Vision SET Control Amplifier runs Class A/B, and is biased as Class A at normal listening levels. It puts out 60 watts per channel into 8 ohms and much more into 4 ohm loads. The SET name stands for its unique Single Ended Transistor voltage amplifier design.  This is our newest design with a simple but amazingly effective bipolar transistor front end followed by a very fast and rugged power mos-fet current amplifier section.  Bandwidth is flat from 3Hz to 70KHz. For use with its passive control section, the gain of the power amplifier sections are set 6dB higher than in the separate Vision SET 120 power amp.

Our new SET amplifiers are uniquely DC stable. This means they will not generate speaker damaging DC drift even when driven past clipping.

The combination of our design ideas allow the amplifier to run cooler, last longer, and be amazingly fault tolerant. Four high current mos-fet output transistors, standard on the Vision SET 120, handle difficult speaker loads.

Passive preamp and control section

The Vision SET 120 Control Amplifier has a precision volume control, selector switch, four sets of line level inputs, and fused 5 way binding post speaker connections.

It comes standard with a high quality headphone driver. The speakers can be turned off to use headphones alone

If you absolutely need a phono section, we offer our outstanding Vision Q free standing phono preamp as an extra cost $479 option, $100 less than its normal separate price.  Just plug it into one of the control amp line level input sets. There simply is not room inside the control amp for these sophisticated phono circuits and its necessary separate power supply.

Power Supply Circuits

The Vision SET 120 Control Amplifier has an oversized high capacity shielded toroid power transformer and multiple regulated power supplies for all areas of the amplifier including the output transistors, to provide incredible dynamic range, bass extension, transient detail, and air. All of the power supply parts are selected for long life, reliability and operate well within their technical specification ratings..

The Vision SET 120 Control Amp operates with standard 120 Volt power, has an IEC power jack, and includes a polarized 120V power cord. For international use, a 240 Volt (50-60 Hz.) option is available at additional cost.


Dimensions17" wide, 12" deep, 3.5" high. Shipping weight is 20 pounds.

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