DVA 4/2 Amplifier

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The Amazing dual-purpose DVA 4/2 power amplifier, our best ever solid state design.

The new DVA 4/2, our newest amplifier in the premium DVA series, carries our solid state power amplifier designs to higher fidelity. The DVA 4/2 is a dual purpose amplifier that can operate as four separate 125 watt audio channels or with the flip of a switch and rearrangement of back panel cables, operate as a stupendous bridged 350 watt per channel stereo amplifier.

In the four channel mode, the DVA 4/2 is great in a home theater system or for bi-amping a pair of stereo speakers.

In stereo mode, the headroom of the DVA 4/2 easily handles the demands of difficult to drive loudspeakers. The dynamics and clarity of the DVA 4/2 are astonishing. You will be amazed at the emotions that are revealed from any music source. While the DVA 4/2 is a pure discrete solid state design, the reproduction is extremely accurate and engaging, with no "solid state" dryness, harshness, or fatigue often found in lesser solid state designs. The DVA 4/2 Comes with four RCA input jacks, four sets of gold plated speaker jacks, an IEC power jack, and power cord. The DVA 4/2 is backed by our 30 day satisfaction guarantee as well as three year warranty.

Audio Circuits

The DVA 4/2 is a Class AB amplifier that operates as Class A at normal listening levels.

The combination of our design ideas allows the amplifier to run cooler, last longer, and be amazingly fault tolerant.

The DVA 4/2 produces 350 watts per channel in stereo mode, and 125 watts per channel in the four channel mode, 20 to 20 kHz into 8 ohms at less than 0.01% THD. The DVA 4/2 has a total of 16 double-die mos-fet output transistors. In stereo mode, eight Exicon double-die mos-fet transistors are used for each channel. In four channel mode, four Exicon double-die mos-fet transistors are used for each channel. The DVA 4/2 handles speaker loads of 4 Ohms and up.

Plenty of power for any rational loudspeaker.

Power Supply and Layout

The DVA 4/2 uses a custom toroidal power transformer feeding 16 active regulated power supplies to provide incredible dynamic range, bass extension, transient detail, and air. All of the power supply parts are selected for long life and operate well within their specification ratings.

A unique engineering feature of the DVA 4/2 power amplifier is that it uses independent, actively regulated power supplies for each channel's output transistors. This provides superior separation, bass control, and micro-dynamics.

The DVA 4/2 operates with standard 120 Volt power, has an IEC power jack, and includes a 120 V power cord. For international use, a 240 Volt (50-60 Hz) option is available at additional cost.