DVA 850 Monoblock Hybrid Amplifier

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Our very best amp, the high power monoblock DVA850.

Based on our patented Fet Valve amplifier, the DVA 850 features over 850 Watts of super pure audio reproduction. While it’s very unlikely your listening demands will ever approach anything near to the power output the DVA850 can produce, the reason for such high power is to provide immediate power without any amplifier clipping or stress.

The headroom of the DVA850 far exceeds the demands of standard amplifiers. The dynamics and clarity of the DVA850 are astonishing. You will be amazed at the emotions that are revealed from any music source. While the DVA850 is a hybrid tube/transistor design, the reproduction is extremely accurate, with virtually no amplifier coloration often found in all tube or all solid state designs. You will think you are listening to a live performance.

The DVA comes standard RCA and XLR inputs. Has double gold plated speaker jacks for those who want to bi-wire speakers, and has an IEC power jack and power cord. The DVA850 is backed by our 30 day satisfaction guarantee and three year warranty.

Audio Circuits

The DVA850 audio circuits are a high power evolution of our unique and patented Transimpedance amplifier where we combine the best of vacuum tube technology with the best of solid state design.

The tubes are run under their maximum rating so that they provide long life and reliability. The output transistors are double-die lateral mos-fet transistors that are extremely reliable and rugged. The lateral mos-fet transistors have a very fast slew rate, low distortion, and very high bandwidth that actually extend beyond human hearing. The mos-fet transistors are also not susceptible to thermal runaway sometimes found in bipolar transistors.

The DVA850 comes standard with XLR inputs. 

Power Supply and Layout

Like most AVA amps, the DVA850 has a fully regulated power supply with huge power reserves. Not only have we designed a regulated supply for each of the audio driver circuits, we have also designed regulated power supplies for the output circuits. In fact, every individual audio stage of the DVA850 is powered by its own separate regulated power supply. What the means in real world use is an absolutely stable amplifier that does not droop or degrade when taxed.

The DVA850 has a custom made oversized high capacity shielded toroid power transformer feeding three full wave bridge rectifiers that supply raw power to 10 individual and isolated power regulators. All of the power supply parts are selected for long life, reliability and performance.