Longhorn Phono Cartridges

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Our famous internally damped and externally stabilized phono cartridges start with especially selected and culled newest model Grado Gold2 phono cartridges. We then internally damp the coils to eliminate microphonics, damp the suspension to eliminate mechanical resonances, and add our unique Longhorn stabilizer bar across the face of the body to provide a high polar moment of inertia resisting torsional vibration. Our engineering makes the cartridge much more dynamic-sounding, with excellent broadband musical response and superior imaging. You get a super premium hand-built high output cartridge at economy prices.

The Longhorn Stabilizer acts to eliminate cartridge/tone arm interactions, reduce high frequency resonances from propagating to the tone arm bearings, lets unipiviot arms behave with better stability, and dramatically improves imaging and sound stage capabilities.

Our Longhorn Grado Gold2 cartridge (with even better coil matching and a more sophisticated stylus assembly) provides even better reach into the music, playing with the transparency and delicacy of the best moving coils, but with amazingly solid bass response, imaging, and dynamic range and without requiring an expensive step up device.

The cartridges are durable and economical to maintain with our available specially treated user-replaceable stylus assemblies. However, if you send us the cartridge for stylus replacement here, we provide a free performance checkout and careful listening test too. Note that you can use a stock Grado replacement stylus too in a pinch, but you will lose some of the AVA special musicality improvements.

Frank owns a Denon DL103 moving coil cartridge with a broken stylus. He has found that he will have to send it to Germany and wait six months and pay at least a couple hundred dollars to maybe get it fixed. What an annoying hassle!  You have none of those problems with an AVA Longhorn Grado.

These cartridges are not recommended for turntables with unshielded AC motors that generate excess hum. Please call us at 651-330-9871 for use guidelines.

Strongly recommended is our Cartridge and Tone Arm alignment Tool template packages. These will help you get the very most out of these wonderful sounding, durable, and easy to maintain phono cartridges.

8MZ stylus

The 8MZ stylus is specially treated and an incredible upgrade to the Grado Gold. Tracking is at 1.6 grams. This combination is extremely revealing, it tracks like a fine line stylus with the ability to produce incredible bass with power, but not overpowering. It produces a fabulous mid-range and a delicate high end that makes the entire combination very fun to listen to.