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Note that all used equipment listed below have been thoroughly bench tested by AVA and put into first class running condition.

Note:  All used units have original covers unless otherwise specified.  Some photos may show units with covers off to show circuit details.

ST120 0804Insight+ 170 Amplifier in used Dyna ST-120 $799 Sold

This is a brand new 90 W/Ch AVA amplifier just built into a good used Dyna ST-120 amplifier chassis. Everything was replaced including the power transformer.

It is a lovely sounding compact amplifier useful in any fine audio system. Quiet, dynamic, and pure. Comparably to a new Synergy 240 but without the regulated output transistor power supplies.

Three year parts and labor warranty and 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

2403 front 400x300Insight 240/3 Solid State Amplifier $795

This is a 3 channel version of our Insight power amplifiers, but designed for home theater systems. This incredible amplifier produces 120 watts per channel with 6 MOSFET output transistors.  It can easily drive speaker that are 4 ohms and up.  This is a trade in from the origional owner.  It does have a captive power cord.  One year warranty and 30 day satisfaction guarantee apply.

solid state preamp sl2010 vintage AVA Vision Preamp/DAC $595 Sold

This is a very nice example of our solid state Vision preamplifier and DAC circuits packaged in one useful chassis. The DAC is good for up to and including 192/24 bit rate data and the preamp has all the functions of our AVA chassis at that time of production, including a captive power cord. Gold plated jacks and switches, precision volume and balance controls, 5 sets of line inputs plus coax digital DAC input, dual tape inputs and outputs, two sets of line outputs, and a great build in headphone amplifier round out the product. One year parts and labor warranty as well as 30 day satisfaction guarantee apply.

FetValveFet Valve 550 EXR Hybrid Amplifier $1500 Sold

This amazing amplifier is from 2004 production and is a trade in from the origional owner.  The "EXR" series amplifiers have a wide band, low impedance, multi-stage high voltage power supplies with separate regulators for each section of each audio circuit board.  They are very transparent, have a wide range, and are very musical.  This amplifier does have a captive power cord. It uses two 12AT7/ECC81 tubes and comes with our 30 day satisfaction guarantee as well as a one year parts and labor warranty.





Frank's own Janszen zA2.1 Electrostatic Loudspeakers $5995 Sold

This pair comes with the airlayer option and is in walnut.  "I just have too many great loudspeakers her now and don't have room for all of them".Used only in house and in perfect condition and can ship in original shipping cartons.



The three following excellent used AVA units (all late 1997 production) from original owner, retiring his system due to moving into limited space accommodations.  One year AVA parts and labor warranty on all three along with our 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Special deal on this complete system.  Buy all three and  save 10 percent on the package.

ΩIII TOPP DAC frontOmega III DAC  $295

This DAC uses the famous and great sounding Philips 4X oversampling digital circuits and will provide best possible musicality for CD playback.  Will need external optical or USB converter to use for computer stored music. Max sample rate supported is 48/16.

Omega III ECOmega III EC Preamplifier  $495 Sold

This excellent full function preamplifier has the following capabilities all in fine working order:

  • RIAA phono preamp option installed (MM cartridges only).
  • Switchable tone controls.
  • Switchable external processor loop plus dedicated EPL in and out jacks.
  • Tape to tape monitoring.
  • Eight sets of input jacks, including phono.
  • Two sets of audio outputs plus two sets of tape in and tape out jacks.
  • Built in high quality headphone driver circuit and front panel phonoes jack.
  • Precision Nobel valume and balance controls.
  • All gold plated jacks and internal switches for long durability.

The Omega III EC remains a surprisingly great sounding preamp as our designs have always been ahead of their time.

AVA410Omega III 260 power amplifier $699 Sold

This 150 watt per channel basic power amplifier still is a great sounding amplifier capable of driving all but the most demanding speakers.  Bench tests fine, quiet, and great to listen to in our reference system.  It is built into a Dyna 410 metal chassis but with all AVA internal parts, including our own shielded toroid power transformer.  

ΩIII TOPP DAC side copyOmegaStar DAC $345 Sold

The best and most recent DAC we built using the famous and great sounding Phillips 4X oversampling digital circuits. This trade up is from the origional owner and in excellent condition.  It will provide the best possible musicality for CD playback.

Will need low cost external optical or USB converter to use for computer stored music. Max sample rate supported is 48/16.One year parts and labor warranty as well as 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

super tuner twp.400AVA Super Tuner $295

This is the marvelous Audio by Van Alstine designed FM tuner circuit set built into a Dynaco FM-5 tuner chassis. Great sound. If you have a good PBS station in your area, equal to CD performance.

Only the power transformer and front end assembly are used. All the internal IF, Mplx, and audio circuit boards are original AVA designs. Its old, but in good condition. If you want high fidelity FM radio performance, this is the choice. Note that due to lack of availability of future repair parts, this unit is offered "as is".




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