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AVA Used Equipment

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Note that all used equipment listed below have been thoroughly bench tested by AVA and put into first class running condition.

Note:  All used units have original covers unless otherwise specified.  Some photos may show units with covers off to show circuit details.


solid state preamp slInsight+ SL preamplifier with remote control and RIAA phono options $645

This is an original owner trade up in excellent condition inside and out. Built in 2009.

The new price was $1527 including the remote control and phono circuits options.

It was our best sounding solid state preamp then and still a great quiet, clear, and musical preamplifier now. It has our outstanding current buffered line and phono circuits designed to drive any loads, including long cables.

One year parts and labor warranty and 30 day satisfaction guarantee.


fetvalve preampOur shop demo Fet Valve CF vacuum tube preamplifier Sold

This wonderful preamplifier is fully optioned with our silver faceplate, Vision Q phono section, and remote volume control It is in new condition and comes with our three year parts and labor warranty and 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Original price with all options was $2727. Available now for only $2045.


T10 RB front photo for webUsed Transcendence 10 RB vacuum tube preamplifier at 20% off

This is from a trade up to a new Fet Valve CF preamplifier. It is in new condition and comes with a new AVA three year parts and labor warranty.

It is complete with remote volume control and Vision Q phono section.

New price as optioned was $1529. Available now for $1225.

Available right now and a great Christmas present for that audiophile friend of yours. Packed as new and we won’t tell if you don’t.

super tuner twp.400Excellent AVA Super Tuner $395 Sold

With the use of a decent antenna, this is the best sounding FM tuner you have ever heard.

All AVA internal circuits after the sealed Dyna FM-5 front end module. It is built in a very clean Dyna FM-5 chassis but with day and night better musicality.

AVA IF, MPLX, AUDIO, and POWER SUPPLY circuits in great musical condition.

Sorry, no warranty on this unit because some repair parts are no longer available. However it checks out fine here in our reference system.







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