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Note that all used equipment listed below have been thoroughly bench tested by AVA and put into first class running condition.

Note:  All used units have original covers unless otherwise specified.  Some photos may show units with covers off to show circuit details.


2403 front 400x300Insight 240/3 Solid State Amplifier $795

This is a 3 channel version of our Insight power amplifiers, but designed for home theater systems. This incredible amplifier produces 120 watts per channel with 6 MOSFET output transistors.  It can easily drive speaker that are 4 ohms and up.  This is a trade in from the origional owner.  It does have a captive power cord.  One year warranty and 30 day satisfaction guarantee apply.

Omega III ECOmega III EC Preamplifier $445

This AVA full function preamp is in excellent condition cosmetically, mechanically, and electrically. It is a trade up to a new AVA preamp. Built in 2001.

It has eight sets of line inputs, two sets of tape in and out jacks, and two sets of line out jacks. It has switchable tone controls and a very nice built in headphone driver circuit. It has dual tape monitors, EPL inputs and outputs, dual mono stereo switches, filter switch, and low gain switch. Captive power cord.

Newest AVA Vision Q phono section can be added for $329.

One year parts and labor warranty and 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

blackampfpFet Valve 400R hybrid power amplifier $995 Sold

Built in 2011, this great 225W/Ch hybrid amplifier still plays just like a brand new unit. New 12AT7/ECC81 tubes just installed here. Standard black faceplate. Removable power cord.

Trade up from original owner for new DVA 4/2 amplifier and it is very well cared for.

One year parts and labor warranty and 30 day satisfaction guarantee.



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