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New Items Available for Immediate Delivery

price based upon selected options
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To keep our prices low Audio by Van Alstine works on a "build to order" business model.  There are times, however, where we may have new items ready for immediate delivery.  These items are listed below.

humdinger ac out end

AVA Humdinger

To block low-level DC voltage sitting on your AC power line that causes the power transformer to hum or buzz.




Vision Adjustable Phono Preamplifier

The Vision Phono preamplifier provides 40 dB gain for normal moving magnet cartridges and switchable 54 dB, 60 dB, and 66 dB gain for moving coil cartridges.


longhorn grado gold

 Longhorn Phono Cartriges

Our famous internally damped and externally stabilized phono cartridges start with especially selected and culled newest model Grado Green and Grado Gold phono cartridges. We then internally damp the coils to eliminate microphonics, damp the suspension to eliminate mechanical resonances, and add our unique Longhorn stabilizer bar.


 Turntable Alignment System

The Audio by Van Alstine turntable alignment system comes complete with a cartridge alignment tool, anti-skating calibration tool (ACT), visual speed indicator (VSI-Strobe) and a complete, easy to follow instruction booklet.




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