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Vision SL Preamplifier


Circuits: Vision Discrete Solid State
Chassis: AVA SL
Remote Control +299
Vision Adjustable Phono Circuits +$329
Silver Premium Faceplate +$200
240V Wiring +$30
HT Bypass Switch +$50
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The Vision SL Preamplifier has the best solid state circuits we have ever designed.

It features all new discrete transistor Class A audio circuits, thermally balanced and outrageously musical. It also has a new power supply board with three times the power reserve, and built in ultra low distortion headphone drivers.  The Vision preamplifier circuits give you all the music and nothing but the music.

The Vision SL preamp has even more of the transparency, dynamic range, linearity and pure music for which Audio by Van Alstine has become known. Listen to all of your recordings again and you will hear acoustic space and musical nuance in a much more real and involving way.

Even with the extra effort to provide true discrete purpose designed circuits (no ICs) to achieve our musical goals, the cost is much less than you would expect and the performance much better then you would expect.



The power supply features a torid power transformer feeding a full wave diode bridge followed by large smoothing capacitors. These feed plus and minus 15 volt regulators followed by more large smoothing capacitors and extensive RF decoupling.  The power supply and transformer are located as far as possible from the audio circuits to provide further noise isolation. Each audio circuit function (line, phono, inverters) are located on separate purpose designed shielded circuit boards to allow easy implementation of the functions you desire.

The SL chassis has precision volume and balance controls, six sets of line level inputs (with one set being used for the optional phono section, if specified) and two sets of line audio outputs.

  • Tape/Input - for recording tapes. Dedicated tape input and tape output jacks are provided.
  • Mono/Stereo - to get mono audio sources (such as TV and older video movies) to both left and right channels and to quiet noisy FM broadcast and old records.
  • Low Gain - to allow better volume control use with high-efficiency speakers and high gain amplifiers.
  • Filter - to tame the grit and boom from poorly recorded or noisy sources.

The Vision SL comes standard with a high quality built in headphone amplifier.

The aluminum faceplate is finished with our incredibly durable double-anodized process.  The optional premium silver faceplate is also available for this model.  All input and output jacks are gold plated and a removable IEC power cord is provided.

17" wide x 12" deep x 3.5" high

17 pounds

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