Transcendence 10 RB Tube Preamplifier An Amazing Evolution of Our Award Winning Transcendence 8 Preamplifier.. Product #: T10-RB based on 0 reviews
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Transcendence 10 RB Tube Preamplifier


Circuits: Transcendence 10 RB
Chassis: AVA RB
240V Wiring +$30
Remote Control +299
Vision Adjustable Phono Circuits +$329
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The Transcendence 10 RB is an all tube preamp that will appeal to audio purists embracing minimal setups, and anyone looking for astonishingly detailed and musical tube sound.

With the Transcendence 10 RB, we have taken everything we know about getting tubes to work as well as they possibly can and rolled it into a minimal yet functional package. We have packaged these stunning circuits into a reduced feature chassis that will serve the needs of audio purists and budget sensitive audiophiles.

The audio circuits are an improvement of our award winning Transcendence 8 tube design. In addition, we have recently completed extensive testing and refinement of our already class leading layout practices and employed those findings into the Transcendence 10 RB design. This engineering has resulted in the lowest noise tube preamplifier we have ever offered. The Transcendence 10 RB is an astonishingly natural, engaging, dynamic, high-resolution preamplifier that can interface seamlessly into and improve the most demanding audio systems.

The T10 RB is shipped with 2 premium select 6DJ8 tubes. 6CG7 or 6N1P tubes can also be used.

Only the highest quality parts are used. We use 1% precision metal film resistors and all capacitors in the signal path are select polypropylene types.

The Transcendence 10 RB also includes an exquisite headphone amplifier capable of driving the most demanding headphone loads.


AVA has long been an advocate of rock solid power supplies, and the power supply used in the T10 RB is no exception. The high voltage supplies are based around an RC PI network driving four active high voltage regulators, one for each tube section. This power supply design takes supply noise and interaction down to nearly zero. In addition, there are separate regulated power supplies for the tube heaters and the headphone amplifier. Smoothing capacitors are carefully selected modern, high-reliability, high-capacity units.

The main circuit board uses multiple isolated ground planes strategically interconnected to eliminate the effects of ground currents. A very quiet custom made shielded power transformer is used. Further care was given to mitigate any possible secondary effects of interaction between power supply and audio circuit traces.

The Transcendence 10 RB power supply is an incredibly quiet and rock stable platform on which our audio circuits can perform their best.

Our goal with the RB chassis was to eliminate all functions that audio purists don't use. This significantly reduces the parts and labor costs, but does not compromise the audio quality, and allows us to offer uncompromising sonic beauty at a much lower cost than you would ever expect.

The RB Chassis has a precision volume control, four sets of line level inputs (with one input being used for the optional phono section, if specified) and two sets of line audio outputs.

The aluminum faceplate is finished with our incredibly durable double-anodized process. All input and output jacks are gold plated, and a removable IEC power cord is provided.

17" wide x 12" deep x 3.5" high

17 pounds

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