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Synergy 450


Circuits: Synergy
Chassis: Full Size AVA chassis 17 x 13 x 7
International Transformer +$55
Silver Premium Faceplate +$300
Switchable RCA/XLR Option +$300
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The Synergy amplifier is a uniquely musical high-fidelity amplifier that creates a live is here emotional listening experience.

The Synergy 450 is our most powerful solid state amplifier. It’s comfortable paired with any speaker, including speakers demanding a LOT of power.

The Synergy 450 have awesome dynamic range, definition, and transparency, combined with lifelike ease of listening. There is a faithfulness to the spirit of the music, combined with accuracy, that makes listing to music a pure enjoyment. The sound stage is life size and so pure that you hear much more of the music in a way that will startle and please you.

Standard configuration includes gold plated machined RCA input jacks, 5-way gold plated speaker jacks, external speaker fuses. XLR balanced input jacks, or switchable RCA/XLR input jacks are optional.

The chassis is 17" wide, 13" deep, 7" high. The faceplate is our rugged double anodized black faceplate. We also offer a thick double anodized silver faceplate with a push button power switch and modern LED power lamp at additional cost. Shipping weight 38 pounds.

The Synergy 450 has a custom made oversized high capacity shielded toroid power transformer feeding 12 active and independent regulated supplies to provide incredible dynamic range, bass extension, transient detail, and air. All of the power supply parts are selected for long life, reliability and operate well within their technical specification ratings.

A unique engineering feature is that all Synergy power amplifiers have regulated power supplies for the output transistors which provide unequaled bass control and micro dynamics.

The Synergy 450 operates with standard 120 Volt power, has an IEC power jack, and includes a polarized 120V power cord. For international use a 240 Volt (50-60 Hz.) option is available at additional cost.

Synergy amplifiers are Class A/B, and are biased as Class A at normal listening levels. The Synergy series of amplifiers have no overall feedback, so that feedback cannot overload the input circuits. Feedback exists only as a unique active buffered powered loop matched to the active buffered input parameters.

Synergy amplifiers are uniquely DC stable. They are so stable that there is no need for the typical DC balance adjustments. This means Synergy amplifiers will not generate speaker damaging DC drift even when driven past clipping.

The combination of our design ideas allow the amplifiers to run cooler, last longer, and be amazingly fault tolerant.

The Synergy produces 225 watts per channel, 20 to 20 kHz into 8 ohms at less than 0.01% THD. Eight double-die mos-fet output transistors, standard on the Synergy 450, handle difficult speaker loads (2 Ohm loads and up). Plenty of power for any rational loudspeaker.

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