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Super Pas Three Rebuild for the Dyna Pas-2, 3, and 3X

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Price: Factory Rebuild (includes jack set and new tubes) $899
Rebuild Kit $449

Circuits: Super Pas Three
: Your Dyna PAS-3, 3, or 3X

Jack set wired $239

Jack set kit $99
Fiberglass selector switch $99

Our respected replacement circuits (several years on the Stereophile recommended component list) are available as a do-it-yourself rebuild kit for your PAS-3X, PAS-3, or Pas-2 chassis. You can buy the complete audio and power supply rebuild kit, just the bare circuit boards and plans, or only the 31 page plan set. A new high-quality fiberglass selector switch and a new ground-plane gold-plated jack set kit are easy-to-install options. The rebuild is also available factory-installed, complete with new tubes and new jacks.

The basic rebuild kit consists of our new RIAA phono preamplifier circuit board, our new straight-line output preamplifier circuit board, our new six section power supply board, all of the parts for the boards, and stepped precision volume and balance controls; over 100 new parts including all precision film audio circuit resistors and capacitors. We provide all of the needed hardware, wire, and solder. When you are finished you will have a Super Pas Three preamp, one of the finest low-cost vacuum tube preamps ever built.

All the original Dyna circuit boards are discarded, along with the original heater supply and quad filter capacitor. Our step-by-step illustrated color instruction manual makes it easy for you to install the parts on the circuit boards and interface them with your jacks and switches. We show you how to modernize the functions of your original selector switch and jack set to reduce cross-talk and change the obsolete tape head and special inputs into additional line level inputs. As excellent value, extra-cost options, this is a good time to install our new high-reliability fiberglass selector switch and our gold-plated jack ground-plane input and output connection set.

Our 12AX7A tubes are selected for low noise, low microphonics, balanced heater currents, and matched high gain sections, yielding superb musicality, dynamic range, and bass definition. An optional extra-cost set of four select tubes is available for any Pas rebuild or kit. The 12X4 rectifier tube is also available.

Back View of the Super Pas Three
Lots of parts in the kit!


Parts in the Kit