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Insight+ Rebuild for the Dyna Pat-5

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Dyna Pat-5

Price: Factory Rebuild $799

Circuits: Insight+
: Your Dyna Pat-5
: Jack Set wired $239,

We have inexpensive and musical 2000V/S integrated circuit audio designs and hardware enhancements to give your solid-state Dyna Pat-5 preamplifier new life. Tone controls and phono circuits are standard. The Insight+ hybrid buffered circuit Pat-5 rebuild is available factory wired only.

Because the US designed and made Dyna products were originally tooled with big open layouts to make life easier for the kit builder, we can recycle the mechanical package and supply new insides that are designed to fit perfectly.

Our new designs for this preamp chassis replaces everything that is outdated with new parts, salvage original parts that usually don't wear out, and retain all the useful functions. Best yet, our designs let your high-fidelity system reproduce music with the transparency and clarity you would expect to pay thousands of dollars for elsewhere.

The Insight+ Pat-5 rebuild includes new audio cards complete with phono and tone control circuits, an upgraded power supply, and precision-stepped volume and balance controls. The Insight+ factory rebuild interfaces with your tone controls, switches and jacks. It provides all of the musicality of our new AVA chassis preamplifiers at the lowest possible price.

A welcome option for the Pat-5 chassis is our gold plated input - output jack set. This new circuit board contains 24 new phono jacks on a full ground plane, each spaced on 0.5" centers so that modern cables will fit without running into each other. The original jacks are removed and discarded.

A silver contact fiberglass selector switch is another option available for the Pat-5 chassis.