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Used Equipment

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Please let us know what you are looking for.

If you don't see what you are looking for in the list below, please call us at 651-330-9871 or send us a note and let us know what you want so we can try to match our incoming units to potential buyers

Note that all used equipment listed below have been thoroughly bench tested by AVA and put into first class running condition.

Note that all used units have original covers unless otherwise specified.  Some photos show units with covers off to show circuit details.

Used Phillips FT-920 AM-FM tuner with AVA audio circuits $395

This is a very special sounding tuner because it has a complete AVA audio and associated power supply board added to this very functional tuner.

It has 30 presets (FM or AM), great sensitivity, nice digital display, a copy of the owners manual, and with AVA audio circuits replacing the original audio drivers, it has great sound too!

From the original owner who is parting with it only because of downsizing and space limitations. 

One year parts and labor warranty as well as 30 day satisfaction guarantee apply.



Insight+ EC Preamplifier with Vision Adjustable Phono $895 SOLD

This is a great working and very clean AVA solid state preamplifier with switchable tone controls, six sets of line inputs, dual tape inputs and outputs, switchable external processor inputs and outputs, dual audio outputs, great headphone amplifier, and gold contact switches and jacks.

This unit is a current production unit and a trade in from the original owner.  It also come with our new Vision adjustable phono section which supports both moving magnet and low output moving coil phono cartridges.

This unit comes with complete AVA 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year parts and labor warranty.




  • AVA Satisfaction Guarantee applies to all used equipment specials.
  • AVA one year parts and labor warranty on used equipment unless otherwise specified. Warranty does not apply to cosmetic defects and wear to used chassis.

Thinking of buying used AVA equipment from another source? We can help you too.

Be very cautious when you buy used AVA equipment from an on-line auction or any other source where you cannot examine the unit firsthand. The sad truth is that some people lie. Call us first before buying our used equipment on the web or from other sources! We have excellent computer records of sales going back for years and likely we can promptly advise you of the authenticity of the product offered for sale if you will just supply us with the seller's name.

If you are contemplating the purchase of used AVA equipment from another source, we will examine, bench check, clean controls, jacks, and switches, and verify the performance of the unit for $50 ($100 for large power amplifiers) plus the cost of shipping. This inspection can be made before or after the sale, although it is obvious that you will have maximum protection if you have the unit examined before any money changes hands. We take pride in our work. One thing we don't want is AVA equipment not meeting our standards being offered as the real thing. We build very high quality and very reliable gear, and we don't want misrepresentative and abused items undermining our reputation.

Please note that the above offer is intended to be used for AVA equipment that has not been modified in any way. If you send us equipment that has been modified by someone other than AVA, special conditions may apply. Call us for details.